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More Downtown Roanoke Images

April 13, 2017
I have been spending a lot of my free time gathering images from downtown Roanoke during my time here. I have not been able to edit as efficiently or quickly as I would l...
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Downtown Roanoke

April 06, 2017
Roanoke is definitely a city that sleeps! Early on a recent Sunday morning, I took a stroll through a very empty downtown Roanoke to snap a few photos. All of these photo...
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Carilion Clinic, Roanoke Memorial Hospital

March 21, 2017
My new little guy lives in the NICU in Roanoke Memorial Hospital. He is doing great, but spending so much time in Roanoke really has thrown a stick in the spokes regardin...
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Real Estate Photography - Christiansburg Virginia

March 16, 2017
Recently I photographed a home with the Montvale floorplan from Stateson Homes' Cambria Crossing. Using the new Irix 15mm really opens up the place! If you are a builder...
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Hiking Videos of the Cascades, Appalachian Trail, and more.

January 04, 2017
Recently, alongside my picture-taking, I have been dabbling in video. This all started when I purchased a drone(the video quality is much better than the stills quality),...
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