New Drone Photos

May 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Man I have had quite the drone rollercoaster over the last few months! I purchased a Mavic Air, sold a Phantom 4, crashed my Mavic Air, bought a Phantom 3, and then got my Mavic Air back from repair($$$)! Either way, I have been able to take some nice photos from the New River Valley. I have been flying quite a bit from Bisset Park in Radford....
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Pilot Mountain State Park - North Carolina

April 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
I was able to make a maiden voyage to Pilot Mountain State Park! I wasn't sure how much I would like a place with a road all the way to the top, but I gotta say it is cool! The boy and me hiked the Grindstone Trail from near the base of the mountain. The first 2 miles were a casual, hilly stroll through the forest. The last mile, the views really...
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Early Spring Hike to Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina.

April 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
We recently went down to the beautiful Stone Mountain State Park. It's only a 90 minute drive from my home in Radford, and if we time it right, the boy can sleep for most of the drive! I hike light these days since I carry the boy, so these photos were taken with my smartphone and an Aukey Polarizer. The raw files were edited in Lightroom Mobile.(...
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Winter Hike to Buffalo Mountain

March 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
The boy and me recently went up to Buffalo Mountain. It had snowed a few days prior, but all the snow was off of the trees at the lower elevations. To my delight, ice was still covering the trees up on windswept Buffalo Mountain! I was also glad to blaze a trail in the snow on the ground, meaning it had been left untouched since the recent snow sto...
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New Images from the Cascades of Giles County

March 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
I've gotten to make two trips up to the Cascades recently. One the first trip I was armed with only my smartphone and a small clip on polarizer from a company called Aukey. During the second trip, I had my more traditional setup of my Nikon d750 with the 28-300 mounted. Click here to view my entire Cascades Gallery There was just a light dusting...
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