Wilson Creek and Big Pinnacle - Grayson Highlands State Park

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It's been a while since I've been up to Big Pinnacle...

Big Pinnacle SunsetGrayson Highlands State Park Big Pinnacle

I spent a little time in Grayson Highlands State Park last weekend while my 'ball 'n chain' was out of town.  I started out by heading down into the Wilson Creek Trail and then went up to Big Pinnacle for sunset.  

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Back to the hike...

The trail to Wilson Creek is well shaded, so there was a good amount of snow to walk through.  Some small plant caught my eye...

tree detailbaby pine tree I don't know if those are baby trees or what, but I really enjoy getting down on the ground and looking around at the 'tiny' forests on the ground.

Once I got down to Wilson Creek, I was in an icy wonderland!  There were lots of cool ice formations along the creek.

WIlson Creek TrailGrayson Highlands State Park The Pentax 60-250 DA* makes really nice images, I haven't been happier with a lens...

Winter photography workshops in VirginiaVirginia photography workshops About halfway up the trail, there was a small pool that had not frozen over.  This allowed for some really nice reflections of these icicles.  These kinds of shots really let you play around with your polarizer and find the exact amount of reflection that you want.  

Icey reflectionswilson creek trail Grayson Highlands State Park Wilson Creek Grayson HighlandsGrayson Highlands State Park By the time I got to the actual waterfall, one of my tripod legs had come a little loose, causing some serious frustration and me cursing ever buying it!  Once I got back to the car and tightened it up it was all good again but those little things can piss a guy off really quick!(I need to just start carrying a hex key with me:)

Here is a photo of some ice formations on the edge of Wilson Creek Falls.  After trying the polarizer in a few different positions, I opted to let all the reflections show.  Removing the reflections really eliminated the detail in the ice, and allowing them to show made it look just right.

Wilson creek trailgrayson highlands state park After a nice stroll through the Wilson Creek Trail, I went up to a wind swept Big Pinnacle!  The trail up to Big Pinnacle was beyond fun.  The snow was actually pretty deep(all things considered).

When I got to the top of Big Pinnacle, I was really pleased to see the snow on the distant hillsides, it really breaks up all the dull grey that winter brings to the southeast.

Southwest Virginia photography workshopVirginia photography workshops in Grayson Highlands State Park. Turning back towards Wilburn Ridge now, I really liked the detail in the foreground rocks combined with the soft clouds above the snow-covered Wilburn Ridge.

Big Pinnacle Grayson Highlands State Park I'm not sure which orientation I like better.  I guess a panorama would have been just right... Next time!

Big PinnacleGrayson Highlands State Park

The wind up here was cold and strong!  When I mounted the telephoto to photograph the distant mountains, I was tucked behind the biggest rock I could find while still having a view.  Out in the distance you can see the ski hills in North Carolina.

North Carolina Ski MountainsGrayson Highlands State Park Taking in one last mountain view before heading down to Massie Gap...

Grayson Highlands State ParkScenic views of Grayson Highlands State Park Thanks for looking!

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