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Late Fall sunset through trees at Riverfront ParkSunrise over the Yellowstone River and South HillsFire-y Sunrise over an icey yellowstone riverSunrise over Yellowstone River and South Hills of Billings, MTSunrise over Yellowstone River and South Hills of Billings, MTIce on the Yellowstone River at SunriseReflections in the Cochran Pond in Riverfront ParkThe Red Bridge Crossing Lake Josephine in Riverfront Park.A flock of geese fly over an icey Yellowstone RiverA pink and purple sunrise over devil canyon - Bighorn Canyonsnow driftsBlack and White image of the Crazy MountainsClouds over Big Timber PeakThe sun just starting to hit the peaks of the crazy mountain range.The shore of granite lake.Ice and Snow textures at Big Timber Creek Falls.West Rosebud CreekFresh powder in West Rosebud

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