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Aerial Photography in Virginia

July 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently, I purchased a drone!  I am currently working on putting together videos taken during the same sessions as the photos below, so stay tuned!

virginia aerial photographyaerial image of new river in virginia

This thing has been an absolute blast to fly!  I went with a DJI Phantom 3 professional.   It's a little nerve-racking because it can EASILY get out of sight, but for the most part it is a breeze to fly around.

I still have limited experience with it but do have some nice stills to show(even though still photography is kinda the weak point of the drone, the video quality is much better).

The first two were taken in nearly the same spot on the same day, one facing the Claytor Dam away from the sun, and the other facing the sun looking downstream towards the I-81 bridge. aerial photograph of claytor damaerial photography radfor virginia

Next are two shots of Claytor Lake taken on the same day.  I was flying the drone from Dehaven Park.  The first photo is a 3 shot vertical panorama of Dehaven Park, the second is of the Claytor Lake waterfront from a bit further away.  There had been a rainstorm that left some pretty clouds on the horizon.  For these two photos I was using the Polar Pro Polarizing filter.

claytor lake aerial photographydehaven park claytor lake shoreline aerial photography claytor lake

The final set of images comes from the beautiful Cascades in Pembroke Virginia.  I made my way up there almost at sunset so I wouldn't be bothering anybody!  A couple guys came up as I was changing the battery, but when I asked them if the drone would bother them, they said Go for it!  The GPS doesn't lock on down in the valley, so the drone will drift and is more difficult to fly!  I had it a little too close to trees on a few different occasions! 

cascades aerial photographcascades aerial photograph

cascades aerial photographcascades aerial photograph Aerial Image of CascadesAerial Image of CascadesCascades in Virginia taken with a phantom 3.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!


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