Michael Speed | Aerial Video around Radford Virginia

Aerial Video around Radford Virginia

August 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have really been enjoying getting to know the Phantom 3 Pro!  I even ordered a Manfrotto D1 backpack for hiking with it and my EOS M3.  I really think that will be a great combination!

The video quality that comes from the Phantom is just great.  It is a little weak on still photography, but still good enough for most applications. 

I have been learning the different moves that the Phantom does, and have posted a few of those videos below..  

The first video I took was of a train trestle that crosses the New River by Bisset Park in Radford, VA(where I live).  I got a little lucky with the train coming by!

The next two videos are from Claytor Lake.  I looooove hanging out at Dehaven Park, it is a free picnic/swimming area/boat ramp on the not-so-popular side of the lake.  There is a dock for fishing, pine trees for shade and hammocking, a big public boat ramp, and a grassy area with easy access to the water.  Plus, on a weekday, it's not very crowded so flying a drone doesn't bother too many people!


The next two videos are of a couple dams near my house.  First is the Claytor Dam, and the second is the Little River Dam.   The first few times I flew over the dams, I was using a tablet that wasn't connected to the internet.  The most recent time I flew, I used my internet-connected phone and as soon as I neared one of the dams it started warning me about flying near power plants!  Oops!  

The next video is of Big Survey Wildlife Management Area.  I had planned to hike to High Rocks and fly the drone from there, but by the time I could make the drive all the way down to Wytheville, I would not have had any time on High Rocks!   So I walked down the closed service road and flew from there.  I had a hard time keeping line of sight(which is nerve wracking) but was able to get some nice video of Big Survey and Whytheville in the distance.

 In the next video, I again went to the train trestle that crosses the new river.  There wasn't much of a sunrise on this foggy morning, but I had fun flying around the geese that frequent the area.  Most of them didn't seem too bothered:)

Finally, my last video is of the Cascades in Pembroke.  We hiked up the Cascades trail very late in the afternoon/evening to avoid any crowds.  While I was up there, only one group showed up, and I did ask them if the drone would bother them and they said no, so off we went!  The gps does not work very well in the ravine of the Cascades so the drone does not hold steady, I almost flew it into the trees at one point! Oh well, we survived.

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