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January 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Recently, alongside my picture-taking, I have been dabbling in video.  This all started when I purchased a drone(the video quality is much better than the stills quality), and I have since started incorporating some ground based video as well.

You can view all of my videos on my Youtube page by clicking here.

My first hiking video is from the Cascades in Pembroke Virginia.  I went on a week day and didn't see a soul the entire time!  Hiking videos may look cool, but depending on how much you shoot, you have to hike each spot twice!(you gotta go back and get your camera!)

This video was shot using the Phantom 4 and Canon EOS M3.

My next video is from the Keffer Oak area on the Appalachian trail outside of Blacksburg Virginia(I think this is closer to Newport).   This time I had a buddy to walk through the shots!  While my first video was shot on a tripod, this video was all handheld and I used the Warp Stabilizer tool in Adobe Premier Pro.  This video was taken with a combination of both ground-based and aerial video with the Phantom 4 as well as the EOS M3.  

I had planned on flying the drone around Mount Rogers Recreation Area a couple weeks ago, but when I got there the wind was crazy and the visibility was not much!  Oh well, I took the Canon m3 up through the hemlocks to shoot the fast moving fog, and even had a couple hikers walk through the frame!  All of the videos are stationary(sorry) but still tell a pretty cool story of the conditions.

I spent New Years Eve out at Camp Dickenson near Fries, Virginia(my wife and I are good friends with the camp director and his wife).  On New Years Day, we took our drones out and flew around the camp property.  The New River running through this area is very scenic!  I hope to come back and do it again when there is some color on the trees!

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